The You-est You Podcast - featuring Gina Gardiner on Being Genuinely You

  • Disability is a metaphor for life. If you don’t feel good enough you’ll take that belief with you. If you look at what you can’t do, your life becomes smaller. When Gina was told she’d be in a wheelchair, she decided to focus on what she could do and where she could make a difference. A few days later she took the promotion at her school as the new principal, and never looked back. Her wisdom is to focus on what does work.
  • Tips to change your limiting and crippling beliefs: a) be mindful of the quality of your thoughts, as 95% are habitual. Choose ones that will be life-giving. b) Learn to be grateful and collect gratitudes to help rehabilitate your brain. c) the only person responsible for your quality of life is you. Watch what you’re saying and speak carefully affirming yourself whenever you can. An example is, ‘while I used to be depressed, I am getting better and better’. Speak positively of yourself in the present tense.

Listen to the interview here:

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