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Mike is an international spiritual mentor and healer with almost 20 years’ experience of helping people as individuals and groups understand their core values and align with them, in order to accelerate their spiritual progression. He is dedicated to helping people manifest what is rightful for them in accordance with their life plan. 

He works with people to unlock deeply embedded traumas.  Being clairaudient, clairsentient and highly sensitive he reads energy and energetic patterns at micro levels including links into the physiological systems.

Evolving levels of consciousness, sacred geometry and karmic patterning are key aspects of his work, as is his focus on the protection of the child, coupled with the empowerment of the divine feminine and the rise of the spiritual matriarch, underpinning the evolving consciousness of humanity 

He is also dedicated to the reconnection of the children to nature and forests in order to bring about greater levels of balance to help restore that which has been lost over many centuries

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