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Welcome to the Thriving Not Surviving radio show with Gina Gardiner. My guest today is Matt Crump and our topic is "Overcoming Life Obstacles, Achieving Goals & Learning how to live a life of abundance."

Matt Crump is a published author, Certified Empowerment Life Coach, Business Consultant and a popular content creator on LinkedIn. Matt serves executives, entrepreneurs and individuals to align their beliefs with action to achieve their #1 goal and live a life of abundance. His signature program is called The Flip. A 12 week/8 Module transformational event that will flip the script on life as you know it. He has just launched a new coaching/DFY opportunity called LinkedIn Leverage to optimize and scale anyone’s profile/business on LinkedIn.

**and in the second half of the show, I have a "Genuine Chat", alongside my good friend, author Rachel Davidson. In today's show, our topic is "Spiritual Connection."**

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