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Welcome to the Thriving Not Surviving radio show with Gina Gardiner. My guest today is Masami Sato and our topic is "The Power of Giving - how creating a real giving spirit in business (or in our communities) really transform the impact we can all have. We als talk about how small business can now play a part in creating the more sustainable (and happier) world."

Masami is the found and CEO of B1G1, a Social Enterprise and a B Corp based in Singapore. B1G1, also known as BUY1GIVE1) helps buisness around the world integrate effective giving in what they do. Today, B1G1 works with more than 2,500 businesses and these businesses have created over 200 million giving impacts to date together. Masami has a diverse business background, is a 2x TEDx speaker and author of four books. She is also a mother of two teenage children. Her work originates in the belief that buisnesses with a real sense of purpose can make a real difference in the world.

**and in the second half of the show, I have a "Genuine Chat", alongside my good friend, author Rachel Davidson. In today's show, our topic is "Why Dreaming Is So Important"**

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