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How enlightened leaders view profitability in the “new normal”.

If you’re in business, then you know just how important your bottom line is.

Profits are a “make it” or “break it” factor that gives a business the ability to serve their customers, pay their expenses, and reinvest into growth and improvements.

However, in 2020, not all kinds of “profit” are the same.

There is a difference between “bottom line profitability” and “conscious profitability”. Bottom line profitability focuses on squeezing as much profit from the business as possible without any regard for the benefit of other people and at the expense to the environment.

Conscious profitability looks at the “Triple Bottom Line” - people, profit, and environment.

Conscious profitability is not just measured in dollar signs and decimal places. Conscious profitability measures the total holistic profit or overall improvement of the business financially, ethically, and morally.

The “new normal” requires a new kind of Leader, one who has a growing awareness of the global consciousness shift.

To be an enlightened leader you must recognize the importance of prioritizing conscious profitability over bottom-line profitability.

In order to become an enlightened leader you must be self-reflective and observe yourself in a new, objective way without judgement for your flaws. Once you identify the gap between your leadership abilities now and how you can improve, then you must take action and work each day to improve your leadership abilities.

Transformational Leadership coach Gina Gardiner has spent the last 30 years working with teams and leaders from around the world growing and facilitating them to higher states of consciousness so that they can make a positive impact and profit in their life & business. Gina leads by example as an enlightened leader and her work speaks for itself.

She has worked with her clients to improve soft skills like self-reflection, curiosity, love, emotional intelligence, and more resulting in millions of dollars of increased revenue, a better workplace environment, and rapid employee professional development and personal growth. 

Conscious Leadership will pave the path for the “new normal”.

In the “new normal” profits will be viewed through a holistic lens. 

Enlightened leaders recognize that if they want great profitability then they must be a direct reflection of the “profitability” they wish to inspire and nurture in others. 

It’s really important for leaders to be self-reflective. The new-normal will be different. In this new era of consciousness self-work is more needed than ever. You cannot lead others effectively and with integrity until you lead yourself first. 

Now, more than ever, we need leaders that are conscious and committed to something greater than themselves.

Profitable leadership in a new era of consciousness is viewing profitability through a lens that goes beyond money.  

As the founder of Leave Normal Behind, a social impact movement and modern-day renaissance society, I am always connecting with conscious leaders like Gina who are inspiring and helping others become the best version of themselves, give back, love, and create things that matter.

Listen as Gina shares 10 Step Journey to Profitability as an enlightened leader in a new era of consciousness.


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