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Make Industry Marks Communications proudly presents Genuine Power Enhancer for Leaders, Gina Gardiner sharing her mini-version of a radio TED Talk called Genuinely New! About Gina...

Gina Gardiner is the creator of Genuinely Gina Media Tours which empower men and women over sixty to discover a new and profound purpose of both lifestyle and leadership as they create a meaningful - living legacy. As the founder of Genuinely You, Gina demonstrates her passion for helping her clients to achieve their higher potential – to become the GENUINELY NEW best versions of themselves. Gina is a multiple No 1 International Best Selling Author, Transformational Speaker, Genuine Power Enhancer Coach, and an Enlightened Leadership Trainer with well over 30 years' experience of helping people transform their lives so they achieve happiness, success, and fulfillment. She has been privileged to support many individuals and couples in developing a greater sense of self-worth, the confidence to identify, challenge and change limiting beliefs in order to become more loving towards themselves and others and to find a true sense of purpose. Talk Objective Are you over 60 and looking to lead a new life of purpose and thriving? Even over 60 you can begin life anew, become a leader of great change, and create a living legacy. Secure a copy of Genuinely New! Discovering Your New Leadership Identity, Powerful Purpose & Thriving Life After 60’. Find out more about Gina at Contact: Email: Would you like to be featured on Make Industry Marks Radio doing your own mini-version of a radio TED Talk?

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