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Many Empaths have trodden a life path which is not easy.
Over the years I have recognised several significant patterns of beliefs and behaviours which keep Empaths stuck.
Give yourself permission to deal with any old baggage, to let go of old outdated conditioning and ego so you can be the beacon of light and support you were destined to be.
Of course, these patterns can be seen in many people who are neither Empaths or highly-sensitive.
The difference I believe is that Empaths have a vital role to play in the transition of the human race to greater consciousness.
However, to fulfil their potential in that role it is imperative that Empaths deal with their old baggage and let go of past, unhelpful conditioning so they can level -up, evolve and be the light to help others through the darkness.
Any delay in dealing with those things which limit you is doing a profound disservice to those you are here to serve.
The solution?
Read my latest new book on the subject – “Harnessing the Power of Being an Empath”.
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