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We live in a time of great change and turmoil which has created huge levels of stress and anxiety. It can feel overwhelming, but finding a way to still your busy mind, to reconnect with the natural world to feel grounded and at peace is an amazingly powerful antidote.

There is something about being in the garden which re-charges my battery, grounds and nourishes me and gives me a sense of ease and grace. I rarely sit and smell the roses – at times I intend to, but within moments I’m engaged in dead heading, weeding or pruning. There is rather a paradox as the activity itself enables me to switch off from all the trials and tribulations of life and in doing so I am able to be within the silence of my inner-self and most able to hear that voice of wisdom which comes from deep inside of me. I am at one with source – and I love it!!

I’d like to share with you how gardening has so much to offer me at a practical, physical, emotional and spiritual level and how it also provides a great metaphor for life.

There is a growing body of evidence which identifies the amazing benefits in getting into the fresh air and getting up close and personal with nature. Many people who have felt lonely, anxious or depressed have discovered significant and lasting benefits from spending time accessing the natural world in their garden, parks or in the countryside. However, you choose to engage with the natural world you can experience the magic of nature and benefit from its power to help you relax, feel happier and at peace.

Journaling offers you the opportunity for quiet reflection, a time to explore and to build your relationship with your inner wisdom and with the greater Consciousness. ‘My Garden – Insights to The Window of My Soul’ shares with you how gardening offers me a priceless gift – it truly is the window to my soul and gives you a place for you to capture your insights and reflections so you can develop an even more powerful and enlightened relationship with your inner wisdom and a closer relationship with Source.  

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