Take radical reponsibility for the awe inspiring.PNG
Take ‘Radical Responsibility’ for the awe-inspiring empathic being of love that you are.
This concept may be new to you. It may also be something you are very familiar with.
Either way taking radical responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, actions and words is vital if you are to truly own your full power.
So many people rely on others to determine their mood.
When you hand over the responsibility to others you have to put up with what they decide for you.
This puts you in the role of victim – you are handing over your power.
If you find yourself thinking such thoughts as: “He made me unhappy,” “She made me angry,” please recognise it is your choice to own your emotions or to hand the state of your emotions to others.
It is time to audit your beliefs, consider the quality of your thoughts, embrace your emotions, be conscious about the language you use and the actions you take or don’t take, identify the intention around your thoughts and actions and ensure the come from love, not fear.
It is time for you to find out how by reading my latest book on the subject – “Harnessing the Power of Being an Empath”.
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