If you want to be a Profitable Enlightened Leader the internal work, creating the best version of you is vital.
That is impossible without great self-awareness.
You must be consciously aware of how you operate both internally and externally with others and your environment.
You are the common denominator in your life, so take full responsibility for your thinking, your emotions, language and behaviour.
Being aware is the foundation of taking responsibility and stepping into your true power!
Everything you do is a choice and has consequences.
The quality of your life has the capacity to change for the better exponentially.
We live in very challenging times.
The pace of change has never been faster.
There is a shift in consciousness taking place at a fundamental level.
Greater awareness may manifest as a feeling of unease - something doesn’t feel quite right or feeling unbalanced.
It is a feeling which intensifies as people become a more and more aware.
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