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Welcome to the 'Gina Gardiner & Friends Show' - this week's episode features Brenden Kumarasamy talking about "Inner transformation and the 119 true stories in my new book The Synchronicity of Love-Stories that Heal, Transform and Awaken."

About The Show

The Gina Gardiner & Friends Show is an opportunity to hear an inspirational story and the inside track on the amazing expertise of my guests. Relaxed and conversational - why not grab a cup of your favourite brew, draw up a seat and join me and my friend for positive take-aways, tons of inspiration, shifts in perspective, and a sense of hope and possibility!

Please let us know which show resonated with you, the guests you liked particularly and why, if you have a different point of view and if there are other themes you’d like us to cover.

**You can listen live to this show! It airs at 4am Eastern Time, 9am UK Time and 7pm Eastern Time, 11pm UK Time on Tuesdays.Tune into AMFM247!**

UK listeners need to use an app called Online Radio Box. Once downloaded - search under Network for "AMFM247" then save as a favourite

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