What are your patterns of behaviour?
Do you practice self-care?
Do you make excuses or keep your word?
Do you walk your talk?
– consistently?
How often do you procrastinate?
Do you avoid having the difficult situations?
Do you have a habit of sabotaging things when they are going well?
Are you a cup half empty or a cup half full person?
Do you focus on the problems or look for solutions?
Are you more likely to blame yourself when things go wrong, blame others, or look what can be learned in order to find a constructive way forward?
Having an awareness of when you are stuck in an unhelpful pattern of thinking or behaviour gives you the opportunity to do something about it.
The way in which you think, believe, act, and talk has an impact on the quality of your relationships both personal and professional.
Huge profits can come out of an awareness of how you are operating and the impact that has both on you and the quality of your life.
Profitable, Enlightened Leaders use that awareness to inform a new, better more conscious way of being.
Find out more – read my new book - Journey Into The New Era of Profitable Enlightened Leadership: A strategic planner to help you find, define & align yourself as a Profitable Enlightened Leader.
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