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What story have you been telling yourself over the years?
Is it a tale which has served you or kept you playing small?
Did you write yourself the part of a victim, a scapegoat or a hero?
Has that story served you well?
Has the story now become outmoded and of little use?
You have an important choice to make.
Will you keep things as they are or are you willing to shed the older parts of yourself which are no longer relevant and do not serve you?
Are you brave enough to explore the newness of who you are and who you have the potential to become?
To step into your GENUINE POWER?
This concept may be unfamiliar to you, the thought of becoming YOUR BEST SELF may feel uncomfortable but it is vital if you are to step into your GENUINE POWER and fulfil your destiny.
You may think you have already reached your potential – that there is nothing more to come but the reality is very different.
There is so much more for you to be – if you are ready and willing to embark on this new stage of your journey of self-discovery.
Find out how to discover your new leadership identity after sixty in my new book on the subject - Genuinely New! Discovering Your New Leadership Identity, Powerful Purpose and Thriving Life After 60.
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