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You might want to be one of the first to hear...

On FRIDAY, 9th March 2021 at 10:00 AM ET (2pm GMT), I'll be featured on the Women 4 Women Network Radio and Talk4TV program called "Edge of Fulfillment", with host Lorraine LaPointe of Head Heart Synergy.

The show features an enlightened, raw, candid conversation sharing insights for mature living, deepening relationships and strengthening our inner guidance system because, when we get beyond the "edge" of fulfillment  ...we squeeze more juice out of life!

Everyone can use that, right?

I'd love you to join us and participate with comments, questions, thoughts and ideas that will shape the show into something most interesting for you, as the audience soaks up all the goodness and insights that are shared. Although we're on the Women4 Women Network at W4WN.com, men are welcome to listen in too! 

Right now, take a moment to add the show to your calendar for TODAY @ 10:00 AM ET (2pm GMT)

Thanks! We truly appreciate your support. 

 P.S. Listener/Viewer instructions

Listen to the Radio Show or View the Talk4TV Show by going to W4WN.com Radio or Download the W4WN Radio App from the IOS or Android store.

For Radio Listeners, just click "Listen Live".

For TV Viewers, just click "Watch Talk 4 TV Live on W4WN.com Radio webpage" or go to the Head Heart Synergy Facebook business page to watch it streamed LIVE - HERE.

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