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Topic: Your Beliefs Will Change Your Challenges – Thriving – Gina Gardiner

Our beliefs are so powerful.  What we believe determines our outcomes.  If you believe that you cannot do something, guess what? You won’t.  If you have a belief system that believes the worst is going to happen, you will only see the worst.  If you have a belief system that believes opportunity is around every corner, you will see opportunities everywhere.  The most successful people in the world have a belief system where they are convinced they will always be successful.  They don’t try on their beliefs like a pair of jeans and then take them off, it is a permanent state of mind.  This is why even in the current situation, there are people who are thriving, rather than simply just surviving.  They are seeing possibilities rather than focusing exclusively on the problems (of course there are challenges).  It begs the question:  What are your beliefs?  And are they working for you?

In this episode of A New Direction, International Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Coach Gina Gardiner returns to the show with her book Thriving Not Surviving.  But this time we dig a deeper into 2 of the 5 areas that will help you make better choices and help you not only overcome the challenges, but create success regardless of your situation.  Gina, digs deep into how a belief transformed the running world.  And once that person believed, so did so many others when it came to breaking world records for running.

Gina also talks on the topic of the power of love and how it is not just for romance, but can take your businesses to new heights of success.  The programe finishes with a brief discussion on the power of real optimism. 

Listen to the full interview here: https://www.jayizso.com/beliefs-will-change-challenges-thriving-gina-gardiner/

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