DEALING WITH UNCERTAINTY - One of the biggest challenges now is so much uncertainty.
There is much unrest in the fields of consciousness.
There is widespread evidence of division, dissention, aggression and fear.
The news endlessly reports on crisis after crisis and countless examples of people being pitted one against the other.
Whenever there is uncertainty, our human wiring, which originated when we were cave dwellers kicks in.
In those days anything deemed to be different was a real threat to survival, these days the threat is, for the most part one, of perception.
When faced with uncertainty and change our first instinct is to create as much certainty as possible.
That sense of certainty and control is an illusion.
There is a great danger in this approach as it closes our capacity to find lasting solutions.
It is like jumping off the Titanic, and holding on to a deck chair, thinking it's going to save you.
To open the door to limitless, profitable, possibilities you must learn to be comfortable with not knowing all the answers and to become comfortable with uncertainty.
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